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Once, these lands were ruled by a great kingdom. That was before a notorious threat came along and overthrew the beloved King Loukas, taking the land and the kingdom along with it. The threat called themselves "Team Overworld", an organisation hellbent on governing its pokemon through darkness and fear. As more and more pokemon succumb to that darkness, the organisation continues to grow stronger and fester into a terrifying empire -- until, perhaps, they reach their end goal of total and absolute domination. Many pokemon's lives have become intertwined with Overworld's looming menace, including a young growlithe named Wolfy and her ursaring partner, Grizzly. Wolfy especially is no stranger to fear, though it is through fear where true courage is often sought, and she must look harder to find the light and fire within herself to lead her through the dark. Sometimes, a pure heart is a stronger force than the most powerful of pokemon. --- Currently aims to update Sundays, schedule permitting ---

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January 18th, 2015, 8:40 pm

1st Anniversary???

Haha, well what do you know? Today is actually Justice Heart's one year anniversary -- er, as in, the comic itself. Hard to believe it was one year ago when I made that cover and decided to go through with this project. Doesn't seem that long ago, honestly.

I do regret to say that I let a lot of my self-doubt get in the way of the comic's production last year; for those who are unfamiliar with me as person, I'm actually a bit of a perfectionist and I find it really hard to find the confidence to post things like this, knowing they're not as good as they can be. It's actually still very nerve-wracking for me to post up these pages every week, which I've started doing November of last year -- but I've been learning a lot and I've had so many people supporting this comic already, even now in its beginning stages (I'm really glad that I decided to push my low self-confidence aside and jump back into it again). I really do owe you all a huge thanks, because you guys are the primary reason why I've been so strict with keeping up with these weekly deadlines (something that is definitely not my forte!). So thank you!

I admit that I am still an amateur and I've still got a lot to learn. I'm still fairly new to doing comics like these, and it's been a long time since I've decided to try devoting myself to a big project. I'm still very excited to be able to do this comic; Justice Heart is a 4 year old story that has always been under constant revision, and around this time last year I finally started filling in the rest of the pieces. Although it really is "just another Pokemon story" at its core, it's probably one of the first novel-length stories I've brainstormed to completion and... well, given so much of my love to. I want to see how far I can progress in the story until the 2nd anniversary swings around next year, and to just keep on plugging away at it in my spare time when I can. I would really love to see this through to the end, although I'm quite aware that may take a good number of years to do.

Thanks again for all the watchers of this comic! Your support is very appreciated and I hope to keep delivering content throughout the year for you. :)

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