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About Justice Heart

Justice Heart is a Pokemon story based in an originally created universe where only pokemon exist.

The story started as a conflict between two OCs back in 2009-2010 -- yup, you guessed it, Wolfy and Grizzly. Prior to that, both characters were OCs I used in a roleplay with friends that lasted up until the third trilogy of the epic that, unfortunately, ceased to exist before its story could be told. Since I felt both Wolfy and Grizzly had a story yet to tell, I began brainstorming and writing that story in the years that continued afterwards. It started with what you'll see here in Chapter 1 of Justice Heart, and from there it progressively built up into the novel-length story it is today! Er, in my head, at least.

Up until January 2014, I continued to add elements and pieces to the story until I had, for the most part, figured it out. Even now, nothing is completely set in stone -- I've been continuing to do small edits and additions to the story, since every now and then I'll still get those little "sparks".

Anyway, that aside, Justice Heart originated in 2010, and for a few years I have attempted to write this story to no avail. The main thing that held me back was my perfectionism and self-doubt, both of which never really gave me the "push" to feel confident enough to tell the story the way I wanted to. In January 2014, I attempted Justice Heart as a comic for the first time. This medium has allowed me to explore the story in a whole new way; for one thing, certain transitions were easier to pull off, and I felt a little more confident that a comic might fit better for the format I had in mind (you'll see what I mean once we start going through the chapters!). Since I'm not very skilled at the visionary arts yet, this project has been quite the learning experience for me so far and I'm certainly glad I decided to go this route!

The name "Justice Heart" originally derived from the hidden ability Justified, which initially appeared in Gen 5 (before the English name was released). It is an ability shared by growlithe and arcanine as well as a few other pokemon -- one of which will also play a rather important role in this story. The name, to me, resonated a "merciful justice" vibe that I thought fit well with many of this story's themes of light vs. dark.

I really do hope you enjoy staying for the ride -- I know I certainly will! Currently, Justice Heart aims to update on Sundays, schedule permitting. I will try my hardest to get them out on a weekly basis (for now) although life's circumstances may get in the way every now and again.